Sindre Sorhus

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Sindre Sorhus is a full-time open-sourcerer and aspiring rebel who creates apps and writes a blog. His business description is:

I build useful things that people love.

Sorhus is the creator of many popular open-source software projects, including np, chalk, and create-react-app. He is also the founder of Zeit, a company that provides hosting and other services for developers.

Here are some of the features and use cases of Sindre Sorhus's business:

  • Open-source software: Sorhus is a prolific open-source software developer. His projects are used by millions of people around the world.
  • Apps: Sorhus has also created several popular apps, such as Oak (a serverless framework) and Hyper (a terminal emulator).
  • Blog: Sorhus writes a popular blog about software development and open source. His blog is a valuable resource for developers of all levels.

Overall, Sindre Sorhus is a valuable contributor to the software development community. His work has made a significant impact on the way that developers build and deploy software.

Use cases:

  • Developers can use Sindre Sorhus's open-source software projects to build their own applications.
  • Businesses can use Sindre Sorhus's apps to improve their productivity and efficiency.
  • Developers can learn from Sindre Sorhus's blog to improve their skills and knowledge.

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