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Younet is an AI development platform that allows users to build and share custom AI models. It empowers individuals and businesses to leverage their own data and expertise to create intelligent tools for specific needs. Younet acts as a bridge between human knowledge and artificial intelligence, allowing users to transform their specialized skills into valuable AI applications.

Here are some key points about

  • Focuses on custom AI models: Younet doesn't offer pre-built solutions but empowers users to create their own based on their specific needs.
  • Data-driven: Users train their AI models on their own data, ensuring the AI solutions are tailored to their unique context.
  • Knowledge sharing: Younet allows users to share and potentially monetize their created AI models, fostering a collaborative AI development environment. Use Cases and Features

Use Cases:

  • Knowledge Management: Businesses can build AI assistants to organize and access internal knowledge bases, automate document retrieval, or answer frequently asked questions.
  • Content Creation: AI models can be trained to generate creative text formats like poems, scripts, or marketing copy based on user input.
  • Sales & Customer Service: Create AI chatbots for personalized customer interactions, product recommendations, or lead qualification.
  • Financial Analysis: Develop AI tools for stock price predictions, market trend analysis, or risk assessment based on historical data.
  • Healthcare Coaching: Build AI-powered health assistants for personalized coaching, symptom analysis, or appointment scheduling.


  • Brain Feature: This allows users to input their knowledge in various formats (text, documents, Q&A) to train the AI model.
  • Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly interface simplifies the process of building and managing AI models, even for those without extensive coding experience.
  • Monetization Options: Users can share their custom AI models on the Younet marketplace, potentially generating revenue from licensing agreements.
  • Customization Tools: Fine-tune the training process and behavior of your AI model to achieve specific outcomes.
  • Mobile App: Access and manage your AI models on the go with the Younet mobile app.

Overall, empowers users to unlock the potential of AI by building customized intelligent tools that address their unique challenges and goals.

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