Tess is an AI art generation platform that empowers artists to create illustrations that embody their unique style. It utilizes a powerful AI model trained on a vast dataset of artwork, allowing artists to generate variations or entirely new pieces that remain true to their artistic vision.


  • Style Ownership: Train the AI on your existing artwork, allowing it to capture your distinct artistic style.
  • Customizable Generation: Provide the AI with specific prompts, keywords, or color palettes to guide the generation process and tailor the artwork to your needs.
  • Consistent Style: Generate multiple variations of an idea while maintaining the core elements of your artistic style throughout.
  • Copyright Protection: Tess offers copyright protection for the artwork you generate, ensuring ownership of the AI-assisted creations.
  • Editing and Refinement: Refine the generated artwork using editing tools to achieve the desired outcome.

Use Cases:

  • Concept Art Generation: Quickly generate variations of initial concepts, exploring different visual directions while staying true to your artistic style.
  • Illustration Assistance: Streamline the illustration process by generating variations or utilizing the AI for specific elements within your artwork (e.g., backgrounds, details).
  • Creative Inspiration: Overcome creative block by using AI-generated variations as a springboard for new ideas and explore new artistic possibilities.
  • Art for Commercial Use: Generate high-quality illustrations for commercial purposes while maintaining control over the style and direction of the artwork.

Overall, Tess bridges the gap between traditional art and AI technology. Artists can leverage the power of AI to augment their creative process, explore new possibilities, and create stunning artwork while retaining ownership and artistic control.

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