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Archie is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool designed to streamline the software development process. By leveraging AI capabilities, Archie transforms your initial software concepts into detailed project plans, saving time and effort compared to traditional planning methods.


  • Idea Capture: Describe your software idea using natural language within Archie's interface.
  • AI Analysis: Archie analyzes your input, considering features, functionalities, and user types.
  • Project Blueprint Generation: Based on your idea, Archie generates a comprehensive blueprint outlining the project structure, modules, functionalities, and potential design principles.
  • Detailed Modules & Requirements (Paid Feature): Archie can delve deeper, providing detailed breakdowns of modules, user stories, and technical requirements (available in paid plans).
  • Implementation Strategies (Paid Feature): Archie suggests potential implementation strategies and technologies suitable for your project (available in paid plans).

Use Cases:

  • Software Entrepreneurs and Startups: Quickly flesh out software ideas and create detailed plans before development begins.
  • Project Managers and Product Owners: Gain a clear understanding of project scope and complexity with AI-generated blueprints.
  • Business Teams: Communicate software ideas comprehensively to developers and technical teams.
  • Freelancers and Independent Developers: Efficiently generate project plans and estimates for clients.

By using Archie, individuals and teams can save significant time and effort in the initial planning stages of software development, allowing them to focus on development and execution.

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