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Sanctum is a cutting-edge application that brings the power of large language models (LLMs) directly to your Mac device. It empowers you to download and run open-source models like Bard, GPT-3, and Jurassic-1 Jumbo with complete privacy and control. Your interactions and data never leave your machine, thanks to on-device encryption and processing. Think of it as your own personal, secure AI playground.


  • Local LLM execution: Run full-featured LLMs directly on your Mac without relying on cloud servers.
  • On-device encryption: All your data and interactions are encrypted and stored locally, ensuring complete privacy.
  • AI Matching Engine: Easily switch between different LLM models based on your needs.
  • Data export: Export your interactions and model outputs for further analysis or documentation.
  • File upload: Use Sanctum to analyze your own text files and documents.
  • Intuitive interface: A user-friendly interface makes accessing and interacting with LLMs a breeze.

Use Cases:

  • Private brainstorming: Generate creative ideas, draft content, and explore new concepts without any security concerns.
  • Personalized research: Analyze documents, conduct research, and summarize information with AI assistance.
  • Private writing: Use LLMs to improve your writing, translate languages, or even collaborate on creative projects.
  • Secure code generation: Leverage LLMs for code completion, bug detection, and automated testing in a completely private environment.
  • Enhanced learning: Use LLMs as personal tutors or study partners to gain deeper understanding of complex topics.
  • And much more: The possibilities are limitless!

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