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Myko seamlessly integrates conversational AI within Salesforce, empowering sales teams to unlock hidden insights buried in their data. By analyzing conversations, identifying sales trends, and providing natural language answers, Myko helps teams work smarter, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately close more deals.


  • Conversational AI in Salesforce: Ask Myko questions directly within Salesforce using natural language, eliminating the need for complex queries or reports.
  • Automatic data analysis: Myko analyzes your Salesforce data, including deals, notes, emails, and transcripts, automatically uncovering key insights and trends.
  • Actionable insights: Receive practical recommendations and next steps based on the extracted insights, guiding your sales strategy and decision-making.
  • Faster sales intelligence: Reduce time spent manually searching for data, empowering you to get the answers you need instantly.
  • Data validation: Validate the logic behind Myko's findings through its clear explanation of the sources and reasoning behind its insights.
  • Standardized metrics: Eliminate confusion by defining and utilizing clear and consistent metrics across your sales team.
  • Secure and compliant: Myko prioritizes data security and adheres to compliance regulations, ensuring peace of mind.

Use Cases:

  • Identify best practices: Learn from high-performing salespeople and uncover winning strategies embedded in your data.
  • Generate reports on demand: Instantly access key performance indicators, sales trends, and competitor insights without creating manual reports.
  • Ask questions about your data: Quickly get answers to specific questions about your sales pipeline, performance, or individual deals.
  • Focus on high-value activities: Minimize administrative tasks and maximize your time spent on selling activities.
  • Gain proactive insights: Identify potential risks or opportunities before they become major issues.
  • Improve sales coaching: Equip managers with data-driven insights to coach and train sales teams more effectively.


  • Increased sales win rates: Achieve better outcomes by leveraging data-driven insights and recommendations.
  • Improved sales efficiency: Work smarter, not harder, by minimizing manual tasks and accessing vital information instantly.
  • Data-driven decision making: Make confident sales decisions based on real-time insights and historical trends.
  • Enhanced team collaboration: Share insights and learnings seamlessly within your sales team.
  • Reduced administrative workload: Focus on selling activities with automated data analysis and reporting.
  • Improved sales coaching: Guide your team towards success with data-backed insights and personalized coaching.

Myko offers a revolutionary approach to unlocking sales insights, seamlessly integrating conversational AI within Salesforce to empower your team with knowledge and data-driven decision-making. By streamlining tasks, providing actionable insights, and fostering informed choices, Myko helps you close more deals and drive sales success.

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