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Lume takes the pain out of data integration, using AI to automatically transform your source data into any desired target schema in seconds. No more manual mapping, code writing, or tedious maintenance – Lume does the heavy lifting, while you focus on insights and growth.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Data Mapping: Forget manual rules and scripting. Lume's AI engine learns from your data to map seamlessly between any two schemas, even complex or messy ones.
  • No-code Platform: Easily build and manage your data pipelines with a user-friendly interface, no coding or engineering expertise required.
  • Auto-maintenance: Let Lume adapt to your evolving data sources and target models, keeping your integrations accurate and reliable.
  • Faster Onboarding: Integrate new clients and partners in minutes instead of weeks, accelerating your business growth.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect to all your favorite data sources and destinations, with more support added constantly.

Use Cases:

  • Customer Data Ingestion: Onboard new customers quickly and efficiently, regardless of their data format.
  • Normalize Legacy Data: Clean and unify your diverse data sources for effective analysis and reporting.
  • Build Data Pipelines: Streamline your data workflows with easy-to-manage, AI-powered pipelines.
  • Connect Apps & Services: Integrate your tools and systems seamlessly with automatic data mapping.
  • Enrich Analytics & Insights: Access deeper insights from your data by overcoming schema obstacles. empowers businesses of all sizes to unlock the full potential of their data, saving time, resources, and effort. With AI-powered mapping, you can say goodbye to tedious data wrangling and focus on what matters most – driving growth and achieving your business goals.

Bonus: For even more impact, explore Lume's other offerings:

  • Lume API: Integrate AI data mapping directly into your own applications.
  • IntegrAI Platform: Automate your build, test, and deployment workflow for secure and efficient data pipelines.
  • IntegrAI Mobile: Manage your data integrations on the go with Lume's mobile app.

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