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DocentPro is a comprehensive docent management platform that helps museums and cultural institutions streamline their docent programs. It provides a central location to manage all aspects of the docent lifecycle, from recruitment and training to scheduling and performance reviews. DocentPro also offers a variety of features to help docents deliver engaging and informative tours, including mobile tour guides, multimedia resources, and real-time feedback tools.


  • Docent recruitment and onboarding: DocentPro provides a variety of tools to help museums and cultural institutions recruit, screen, and onboard new docents, including online applications, automated background checks, and training modules.
  • Docent scheduling: DocentPro makes it easy to schedule tours and assign docents, taking into account their availability and qualifications.
  • Docent performance management: DocentPro provides a variety of tools to help museums and cultural institutions evaluate docent performance, including tour feedback forms, performance reviews, and competency assessments.
  • Mobile tour guides: DocentPro offers mobile tour guides that allow docents to deliver engaging and informative tours without having to carry around bulky binders or scripts.
  • Multimedia resources: DocentPro provides access to a variety of multimedia resources, such as images, videos, and audio recordings, that docents can use to enhance their tours.
  • Real-time feedback tools: DocentPro offers real-time feedback tools that allow museums and cultural institutions to provide feedback to docents during their tours.

Use cases

DocentPro can be used by a variety of museums and cultural institutions, including:

  • Art museums
  • History museums
  • Natural history museums
  • Science museums
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Botanic gardens
  • Historic sites
  • Cultural centers

Here are some specific use cases for DocentPro:

  • A museum is using DocentPro to recruit and train a new team of docents for a new exhibit.
  • A zoo is using DocentPro to schedule tours and assign docents to different animal exhibits.
  • A science museum is using DocentPro to evaluate docent performance and provide feedback.
  • An art museum is using DocentPro to provide mobile tour guides to its visitors.
  • A historic site is using DocentPro to provide multimedia resources to its docents.
  • A cultural center is using DocentPro to provide real-time feedback to its docents during their tours.

Overall, DocentPro is a powerful and flexible docent management platform that can help museums and cultural institutions of all sizes streamline their docent programs and improve the quality of their visitor experience.

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