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Collie is an operating system for engineering teams that run on trust and work remotely. It provides a suite of tools to help engineering teams stay organized, communicate effectively, and make better decisions.

Collie offers a variety of features, including:

  • Meeting notes and action items: Collie takes notes and creates summaries of meetings, so that teams can focus on the conversation and not on taking notes.
  • Retrospectives: Collie provides a structured way to run retrospectives, so that teams can identify areas for improvement and make changes over time.
  • Standups: Collie helps teams to stay on track with standups by providing a pre-populated agenda and real-time collaborative editing.
  • 1:1s: Collie provides templates and real-time collaborative editing for 1:1s, so that managers and team members can have productive conversations.
  • Decision documentation: Collie automatically documents decisions made by the team, so that they can be easily found and shared with other stakeholders.

Collie can be used by engineering teams of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It is a particularly good fit for teams that work remotely, as it provides a central place for teams to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions.

Here are some of the use cases for Collie:

  • A small startup is using Collie to run their weekly standups and retros. This helps them to stay organized and on track with their work.
  • A mid-sized company is using Collie to manage their 1:1s and decision documentation. This helps them to ensure that everyone on the team is aligned and that decisions are made quickly and efficiently.
  • A large enterprise is using Collie to help their engineering teams stay organized and communicate effectively. This helps them to improve the quality and efficiency of their engineering work.

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