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Description is an AI-powered to-do list maker that helps users prioritize their tasks and stay on track. It is a web-based app that is available on all major browsers.

  • Features:
    • AI-powered prioritization: uses AI to prioritize your tasks based on your deadlines, importance, and estimated time to completion. This can help you to focus on the most important tasks and to avoid procrastination.
    • Reminders: can send you reminders for your tasks, so you never forget what you need to do.
    • Collaboration: allows you to collaborate with others on your tasks, so you can work together to get things done.
    • Integrations: integrates with a variety of other tools, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, and Slack. This can help you to keep all of your tasks in one place and to avoid switching between different apps.
    • Customization: is highly customizable. You can create different lists for different projects, set due dates, add tags, and more.
  • Use cases:
    • Personal use: can be used by individuals to keep track of their personal tasks, such as grocery shopping, laundry, and bill paying.
    • Professional use: can be used by professionals to keep track of their work tasks, such as meeting deadlines, following up with clients, and managing projects.
    • Team use: can be used by teams to collaborate on tasks and projects. This can be helpful for teams that are working on complex projects or that need to keep track of a lot of moving parts.

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