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Maestra is an AI-powered transcription, captioning, and voiceover platform that helps businesses and individuals reach a global audience. It uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe audio and video files into text, and then translates the text into multiple languages. It also allows users to create captions and voiceovers for their videos. Maestra is a cloud-based platform, so users can access it from anywhere.


  • Automatic transcription: Maestra can automatically transcribe audio and video files into text in over 80 languages.
  • Translation: Maestra can translate transcribed text into over 80 languages.
  • Captioning: Maestra can create captions for videos in over 80 languages.
  • Voiceover: Maestra can create voiceovers for videos in over 70 languages.
  • Advanced text editor: Maestra includes an advanced text editor that allows users to edit and proofread transcribed text, translations, and captions.
  • Collaboration: Maestra allows users to collaborate on transcriptions, translations, and captions.
  • Cloud-based: Maestra is a cloud-based platform, so users can access it from anywhere.

Use cases:

  • Businesses: Maestra can help businesses reach a global audience by transcribing, translating, and captioning their content in multiple languages.
  • Individuals: Maestra can help individuals transcribe, translate, and caption their content in multiple languages.
  • Educators: Maestra can help educators create accessible educational materials for students who speak different languages.
  • Nonprofits: Maestra can help nonprofits reach a global audience with their content.


Maestra offers a variety of pricing plans to fit different needs. The basic plan is free and includes 15 minutes of transcription time per month. The paid plans start at $19 per month and include more transcription time, as well as access to additional features such as translation and captioning.

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