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AskYourPDF is an AI-powered chat system that enables users to interact with PDF documents in a more efficient and enjoyable way. It uses AI to help users quickly navigate, understand, and extract valuable insights from their PDFs. It also makes learning from PDFs more playful and engaging.


  • Ask questions: You can ask AskYourPDF questions about your PDFs, and it will use AI to answer them. For example, you can ask it to summarize the document, find specific information, or explain complex concepts.
  • Navigate your PDFs: AskYourPDF can also help you navigate your PDFs. You can ask it to open specific pages, search for text, or follow links.
  • Extract information: AskYourPDF can also extract information from your PDFs. You can ask it to copy text, save images, or create a table of contents.
  • Learn from PDFs: AskYourPDF can also help you learn from PDFs. You can ask it to quiz you on the content, or create a study guide.

Use cases:

  • Students: AskYourPDF can be used by students to study for exams, complete assignments, or learn new concepts.
  • Professionals: AskYourPDF can be used by professionals to stay up-to-date on industry trends, learn new skills, or get help with complex projects.
  • Anyone: AskYourPDF can be used by anyone who wants to interact with PDFs in a more efficient and enjoyable way.


AskYourPDF is a freemium service, with the basic features available for free and additional features available for a monthly subscription fee. The premium plan costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

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