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Today we have a List of the Best AI Tools & Apps of the Week; including CloneDub, TalkForm AI, Vatch AI, & More!

Best AI Tools of the Week ๐Ÿš€

#1 CloneDub

CloneDub is an AI-powered dubbing platform that allows you to translate and dub videos and podcasts into multiple languages. It uses a combination of speech recognition, text-to-speech, and lip-syncing technology to create high-quality dubs that are indistinguishable from human-made dubs.

#2 TalkForm AI

TalkForm AI is a no-code form builder that uses AI to automatically generate forms from natural language. It allows users to create forms quickly and easily, without the need to write any code. TalkForm AI also offers a variety of features that make it easy to customize and manage forms, such as conditional logic, data validation, and integrations with other tools.

#3 Vatch AI

Vatch AI is a company that develops AI-powered video analytics solutions for the security and surveillance industry. Their products use deep learning to identify and track objects of interest in video footage, such as people, vehicles, and animals. Vatch AI’s solutions can be used to detect and deter crime, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety and security.

#4 Mindsmith

Mindsmith is an AI-powered eLearning authoring tool that helps you create engaging and interactive learning experiences. It is still under development, but it has the potential to be a powerful tool for eLearning creators.

#5 Cloudinary Labs

Cloudinary Labs Video Summarization Tool is a proof-of-concept tool that automatically generates brief summaries of long videos. It uses AI to identify the most important parts of a video and then create a short clip that highlights those parts.


Yepic.a is an AI-powered video creation platform that helps you create professional videos without any video editing skills. It uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to create videos that can be used for marketing, education, or entertainment. also offers a variety of features to help you customize your videos, such as the ability to add text, images, and music.i

#7 WiziShop

WiziShop is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that helps businesses create and manage their online stores. It is a SaaS (software as a service) platform, which means that businesses do not need to worry about hosting or maintenance.

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#8 Rosebud AI

Rosebud AI is a generative AI platform that enables game creation at the speed of thought. It is a startup that is developing a generative AI platform that can be used to create games. The platform is still in development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way games are created.

#9 Kreado AI

Kreado AI is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to create multilingual oral videos with real or virtual characters. It is a cloud-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to create videos in real-time.

#10 TLinky

TLinky is your all-in-one link management solution. With cutting-edge features like URL shortening, QR code generation, and a dynamic Link-in-Bio builder, we empower you to streamline your digital marketing efforts, boost engagement, and simplify link sharing across platforms.

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