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Today we have a List of the Best AI Tools & Apps of the Week; including Meetz AI, Yep, TOOL 3, & Makelanding!

Best AI Tools of the Week ๐Ÿš€

#1 Meetz AI

Meetz AI is an AI-powered email assistant that helps you book meetings with ease. It uses artificial intelligence to help you book meetings with your contacts, follow up with contacts, and even reschedule meetings if necessary. Meetz AI can also help you to track your meeting history and to identify potential new meeting opportunities.


#2 Yep is a no-code landing page builder that helps you create beautiful and effective landing pages in minutes. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create, customize, and publish landing pages without any coding knowledge.


#3 Makelanding is an AI-powered landing page builder that helps you create beautiful and effective landing pages in minutes.


#4 Unbound

Unbound is an AI product development company that helps businesses build and deploy AI solutions.


#5 Zazow

Zazow is a website that allows users to create generative art using unique algorithms. It is a free to use platform that provides users with a variety of tools and settings to create their own unique artwork.


#6 Octocom

Octocom is an AI-powered chatbot that helps eCommerce businesses deliver superior customer experience.


#7 VentHive

Venthive is an AI-powered tool that helps entrepreneurs and businesses brainstorm, research, and refine their business ideas. It uses artificial intelligence to help users generate business names and slogans, create vision and mission statements, and develop elevator pitches. It also provides market research and analysis, including SWOT and PEST analysis, and helps users identify important KPIs.


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#8 Musicfy

Musicfy is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create their own covers of their favorite songs in just seconds. It uses artificial intelligence to generate vocals that mimic the original artist’s voice, allowing users to create their own unique versions of their favorite songs. It also provides a variety of features to help users customize their covers, such as the ability to change the tempo, key, and instrumentation.


#9 Jigso

Jigso is an AI-powered business assistant that helps teams get work done by automating tasks and providing insights. It uses artificial intelligence to understand your team’s goals and workflows, and then automates tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming. Jigso can also provide insights into team performance, such as which tasks are taking the longest and which team members are most productive.


#10 is an AI writing assistant that helps businesses and individuals create professional documents faster and easier. It uses artificial intelligence to help you generate text, format documents, and proofread your work. It can be used to create a variety of documents, including reports, presentations, and marketing materials.



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