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Legal Robot is a legal technology company that uses artificial intelligence to make legal documents more accessible and understandable. Its platform uses machine learning to analyze legal language, identify potential problems, and translate legalese into plain language. This makes it easier for people to understand their legal rights and obligations, and to negotiate more effectively with lawyers.


  • Contract review: Legal Robot can review contracts for potential problems, such as unfair terms, hidden fees, and conflicts of interest.
  • Plain language translation: Legal Robot can translate legal documents into plain language, making them easier to understand for non-lawyers.
  • Negotiation assistance: Legal Robot can help users negotiate more effectively with lawyers by providing insights into the contract and identifying potential areas of disagreement.
  • Access to justice: Legal Robot makes legal documents more accessible to people who cannot afford lawyers, helping them to understand their rights and protect themselves from legal problems.

Use cases:

  • Businesses: Legal Robot can help businesses review contracts before signing them, identify potential risks, and negotiate more effectively with suppliers and partners.
  • Individuals: Legal Robot can help individuals understand their legal rights and obligations, such as in the context of employment, housing, or consumer contracts.
  • Lawyers: Legal Robot can help lawyers review contracts more quickly and efficiently, and identify potential problems that they may have missed.

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