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HoopsAI leverages advanced AI technology to deliver personalized trading ideas and insights for retail investors across various asset classes, including stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. It aims to democratize access to sophisticated trading tools and empower users to make informed investment decisions.


  • AI-driven insights: Receive tailored trading recommendations based on your risk tolerance, investment goals, and market trends.
  • Wide asset coverage: Explore opportunities across stocks, currencies, crypto, and commodities.
  • Fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis: HoopsAI combines multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive picture of potential investments.
  • Real-time updates: Stay ahead of the curve with fresh insights delivered throughout the day.
  • Educational resources: Learn the fundamentals of trading and expand your knowledge base.
  • Seamless broker integration: Connect with your preferred broker directly through HoopsAI.

Use Cases:

  • Discover new investment opportunities: Find hidden gems and promising assets you might have otherwise missed.
  • Make informed trading decisions: Gain valuable insights to support your buy, sell, or hold decisions.
  • Develop your trading skills: Learn from AI-powered suggestions and improve your overall market understanding.
  • Reduce investment risk: Gain confidence in your investment choices by leveraging AI-backed analysis.
  • Save time and effort: Let HoopsAI do the heavy lifting of research and analysis, freeing you to focus on strategic decisions.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting your investing journey, HoopsAI aims to be your trusted AI companion, guiding you towards smarter and more confident trading decisions.

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